Our Sheepskin Baby Rugs come with a zipped carry bag for convenience when on the move!

Sheepskin Baby Rug Health Benefits :

  • Sheepskin is a natural insulator  -  warm in Winter and cool in Summer

  • Sheepskin has a thick fibre density which helps distribute weight on pressure points evenly

  • As sheepskin is natural, it is generally non-allergenic

  • Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant

  • Sheepskin absorbs sweat immediately  -  when you hang your sheepskin in the fresh air, the lanolin in the sheepskin provides a self-cleaning quality

  • The lanolin in the sheepskin (similar to oils in human skin) may aid healing of sensitive / inflamed skin and rashes

  • Sheepskin does not give off static electric charges like synthetic fabric  -  it absorbs the static electricity

Specifications :

100% Sheepskin

100% Natural fleece

Size :

Average size 90cm x 55cm  (sizes can vary)

Available colours of our sheepskin baby rugs :

(please note  -  colours may appear different across screens)

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