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Sheepskin Medical Skins are ideal for much needed patient comfort in hospitals and aged care services.

Our Hospital Grade Sheepskin Skins are ideal for use in hospitals to assist with pressure care and to keep patients warm and comfortable  (particularly those patients that are confined to one position for a long period of time).  They are also perfect for patient care in disability services and aged cared.

Sheepskin Health Benefits :

  • Sheepskin is a natural insulator  -  warm in Winter and cool in Summer

  • Sheepskin has a thick fibre density which helps distribute weight on pressure points evenly

  • As sheepskin is natural, it is generally non-allergenic

  • Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant

  • Sheepskin absorbs sweat immediately  -  when you hang your sheepskin in the fresh air, the lanolin in the sheepskin provides a self-cleaning quality

  • The lanolin in the sheepskin (similar to oils in human skin) may aid healing of sensitive / inflamed skin and rashes

  • Sheepskin does not give off static electric charges like synthetic fabric  -  it absorbs the static electricity!

Specifications :

100% Sheepskin

100% Natural fleece

Size :

Single - average size 95-100cm x 60cm

Double - average size 195cm x 70cm

Plates - average size 190cm x 80cm

(sizes can vary)

Available colours of our sheepskin medical skins :

(please note  -  colours may appear different across screens)

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